CrowdProtocol is led by Doctors and Research Scientists.
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About us

CrowdProtocol is a platform that was established during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our goal is to enable the discovery of an effective treatment for Covid via a methodology and protocol, utilizing Real World Evidence (or Data) a.k.a RWE (or RWD).

We are in the midst of fighting World War III - virus vs humanity. Under these circumstances, we don’t have the luxury of operating as we do in peacetime. Millions will die and the world economy will collapse while we wait for a vaccine.

In order to defeat Covid19, we need to mobilize and enable an army consisting of frontline medical professionals with the tools and ammunition to kill the virus as Covid19 makes its way around the world, before it destroys the health and economies of nations.

Following the publicity surrounding Dr Zelenko’s protocol, Doctor’s from around the world started sharing posts on facebook and twitter describing their experiences with treatments and the challenges and successes they are facing in the field of battle.

The CrowdProtocol platform seeks to aggregate all these conversations and allow for the exchange of ideas with the goal of crowdsourcing a treatment and protocol that works to defeat the virus.

Another objective is to gather RWD from Primary Care Practitioners or GP’s and utilize RWD by submitting peer reviewed papers and studies in support of a given treatment or protocol.

Another objective of CrowdProtocol is to become the “go to” resource for doctors to be kept up to speed on the latest treatments, studies and papers from around the world.

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